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Travel anywhere with the most transforming desk table case tray -Created by Norman Korpi

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At first glance, A/GOGO resembles a conventional computer sleeve with a generous padded laptop compartment and a zip able outside pouch for you. Its clever twist is a retractable beverage caddy—this patent-pending slide-out tray is the perfect way to keep your expensive electronic items away from potentially damaging liquids—whether your 30,000 feet in the air or at your favorite café around the corner. With one zip, the outdoor pocket transforms into a rolling luggage sling strap—perfect for todays on the go-go traveler. A/GOGO’s sleek silhouette measures 9 ľ” x 15 ˝”; its nylon construction is complemented with a protective foam insulation and ABS plastic tray. Fits 15” lap-top computers and smaller.  

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Office in the Air

For those looking for signs of battery life while traveling, the GoPlug, is finally ready for its close up. The item has been in circulation over the past year or two but refinement was the theme of this year’s show and the GoPlug – an all-in-one power bank – is now performing at full tilt. The item weighs and sizes out similarly to the dimensions of a solid hardcover best seller, weighing just over 2 lbs. It comes in both 110V and 220V options with two USB outputs, 12V and 18V output jacks and a full AC output three-pronged input plug. It can keep a MacBook Pro in business for at least six hours and can power the reading lamp, too. It’s a “smart” bank – which means it comes with an app that allows you to turn off and on the connected items remotely and also tells you how much power it left in the bank. It also has a location tracker, should it be misplaced. The GoPlug comes with complementary bags that have special compartments for storing the bank, including a camera backpack with lens and camera compartments. Powerbanks start at $299 and add a computer/messenger bag for an extra $29.

Another item that has evolved to become a true travel accessory innovation is the A-Stand, formerly the Aero, which is now a lightweight portable workstation you can take anywhere. The versatile platform starts out as a computer sized tray weighing about a pound. It can slide into any briefcase or carry-on. It then opens this way and that, almost like a Chinese box, to become a book rest with pull out drink tray; an ergonomic computer desk with bottom tier for holding a beverage, or mouse pad and external keyboard; a writing or drawing surface; and a way to fit everything you need for working on an airline tray table to maximize writing and viewing comfort and organize space while not spilling drinks on your seat mates. It retails for $69 online,